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Motorcycle road trip Europe - Switzerland to Spain

If we are driving back home, our motorcycle road trip in Europe had to pay off, and from Switzerland to Spain, we definitely had sights to make sure it did!

We are still unclear on how many days we want to take on our drive back to Lisbon, but one thing was clear on our minds, we wanted to enjoy the road.

We have been away from our bikes for too long, and although we always knew we would need to stop for a few months to work, now that we were again feeling in shape and with a full bill of health, stopping was a difficult task, however a mandatory one.

Enter "take the most out of it" mentality. We knew that in Switzerland the Alps would be an incredible sight all the way into France. It was also a fact that the Pyrenees would not disappoint, and that we would finish our leg two days after in Spain.

Spain shares many similarities with the Portuguese landscapes, a fact that we could not stop talking about mile after mile, with the occasional "Its starting to feel like home again". And that meant only one thing, some Iberian off road was in order, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Our packing skills really took a dive, and although our bikes were now a fair bit lighter, we continued to struggle to get everything back in the panniers with any kind of grace. However, this part of the trip was treating us extremely kindly.

At every stay, we found a garage or any kind of extremely safe parking that allowed us to not unpack everything, and at every corner, we found fruits, vegetables, and all around great food.

As the sad feeling of going back continue to overwhelm us and in a way dominating our conversations, seeing and tasting the incredible food was cheering us immensely, as we knew that our beloved Portuguese cuisine was getting closer and closer.

Crossing the Alps was the first step in our adventure, and from the twisty roads of the Rhone to the mountain pass into France, I feel like I have to again disclaim, if you love motorcycles, at least once in your life ride the Alps! I've done it before by car, but nothing like doing it on a bike. From off-road tracks to road heaven, the Alps truly are amazing!

With a night stop in Montpellier to recharge batteries, we made our way into Spain where we knew a very special day awaited us. When we marked our stay close to the little town of Fonolossa, we couldn't stop noticing that the terrain not only resembled Portugal immensely but that the off road trail options around there were endless.

Dual sport adventure heaven, here we go! With a short driving day for us between Montpellier and Fonolossa, we spent our afternoon trailing the tracks of Spain, and from beautiful single tracks to rocky hills, our hearts filled with happiness and delight.

Personally, mine was not only filled with delight for the quality of the tracks but also with an immense sense of pride. If it's easy to forget that Charlotte learned how to drive less than a year ago, it would be impossible to remember that seeing her attempt jumps on a fully loaded dual sport bike.

No better way to finish the day, no better way to make our way back home from this leg of the trip.


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