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Europe motorcycle riding - Spain to Croatia

These weeks we made our riding from Spain to Croatia, in the Europe stretch of our motorcycle expedition, and I must say, I’m struggling with the storytelling on the road.

The cameras froze on over the Pyrenees so no shots of that, my big camera fell to the groundbreaking my camera lens, making most of the shots I had in mind impossible, and we are still a bit overwhelmed with the miles day in and day out, so our focus is a bit all over the place, and the storytelling reflects that. However, one needs to fail to improve, and we do consider that this week we learned a lot.

As for the riding itself, the bikes are running great, and that is fantastic news. After a rough start, its great that a week and almost 3500kms went by and all the bikes needed was gas.

Crossing so many countries so fast does leave a will to return to some at a later date, and so we shall, as it is not easy to grasp all they have to offer from a stretch of highway, and that might be the reason why Croatia is being so impressive. We started riding B roads in Croatia, and the view and experience escalated fast! We did not choose that for any specific reason other than time vs money. We want to get to Turkey fast to start our expedition, and that means, save time. Spain has fantastic free highways which helped a lot into our progress. France and Italy, have expensive ones, but they did save us some days of riding at 50km/h trough small cities and villages. Now once we cross into Slovenia and Croatia, things change. The time we save on the highway is in a lot of occasions not worth the price we have to pay, so from now on and until Turkey, things will change, both on the roads we take, as well as on our storytelling, but more on that, next week!


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