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How to replace a motorcycle tube tire - Zip Tie TIP

How to change a motorcycle tire with a tube? That is a question all biker should know how to answer. But, how to zip tie a tire change? The answer to that question is one of my favorite tips in the world of motorcycling and DIY mechanics.

This top tip does not work on the first part of the process, so to remove the tire we still need to use the normal techniques with the spoons, lube, and patience. The same applies if you are only replacing the tube, as you will only need to remove half the tire.

However, when the full tire replacement is needed, this tip is by far one of my favorite ones. I tulle dislike having to put my hand between the tire and the rim to properly install the tube. I always manage to get my hand stuck and pinched between the two and although I usually don’t struggle when to make sure the tube is straight inside the tire, it does happen from time to time and I have met lots of people that find that more troublesome than getting their hands pinched.

This technique serves us both equally well.

Considering this tip is only for the installation, let us jump forward to that specific part of the tire change endeavor.

When installing the tire, instead of putting half the tire on the rim, the tube, and closing the other tire half, we are going to try and create a one-step movement.

Put talk inside your tire as you would normally do, and insert the tube inside. After that, using zip ties or transport straps, close the tire with the tube inside - keep the filling valve out - like you would close a sandwich. How many zip ties to use? Well, that does depend a bit on the tire itself. Some tires have stiffer walls and might require more ties, some require less, adjust accordingly.

Once you have your “tire sandwich” done, insert the tire filling valve first, and insert a couple of threads on in order to make sure you still have enough ability to move the rest of the tire, but also to make sure the valve does not move out of position.

At this point is incredibly important to lube the rim of the tire, and once that is done, just pop it into position. It is quite amazing how easily it goes into the rim, and after that, cut off the ties, or remove the straps and your tire change is now only missing getting pressure into your tire to marry the bead, and get it to the riding pressure.

Job done!


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