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Learn with motorcycle groups

Have you ever consider going to learn with motorcycle groups how to take the most out of your motorcycle? Have you ever went online and typed "motorcycle groups near me?"

Over my year in the motorcycle world, there is a common scenario I would find, especially when it comes to the dual sport and adventure guys.

Regardless if it was a new rider or an experienced one, whenever someone would tell me they got a dual sport/adventure bike with off road abilities, they would also complain they were taking full advantage of their bike, ending up spending most of their time on the tarmac.

Nothing wrong with that I would say, there is a reason why the new bread of adv bikes are so popular for touring. They are insane mile eating machines. However, when one buys an off-road worthy machine, one wants to take advantage of that, but off road is a different monster!

Lack of experience, lack of knowledge of local trails, or just sheer fear to get into more trouble that one can handle alone are amongst the most common statements, and fair statements I would point out.

Not all of us feel comfortable on grabbing our 200kg bike, alone, and just make our way into the woods searching for the most incredible sights, but that does not mean we are not all allowed to enjoy the rewards that off road has to offer.

Enter the magnificent world of the Internet!!!

Although many riders belong, have belonged or are familiar with touring motorcycle groups, I found that the same does not happen with off road.

Don't take me wrong, there are plenty of enduro groups out there that have insane amounts of members and are extremely active. But its not as easy to find off road enthusiasts for big bikes.

Some research is needed to find one near you, and some trial and error by elimination will be mandatory for you to find the dual sport riding group that fills your adventure needs, however, they are out there.

These elusive dual sport groups are not as elusive as one might think, and sometimes even withing big touring groups you are able to find "sub-groups" of those that like to push their bikes and themselves when the road ends, but one can only find that out, but going, interacting and asking around.

If you are taking your first steps on the road or on trips, riding alone is perfectly ok. One develops different skills on a group that as an all-rounded rider I believe everyone should have, but you can safely live your riding life without ever have ridden with a group.

Off road, that is a different conversation. Crashing is as part of the sport as it is riding, and days, where the km count is very low when compared to the hours ridden, are common when the terrain takes a turn for the worst.

Taking your first steps off road with groups will allow you to more safely take your motorcycle to places you wouldn't dare to do alone. It will allow you to learn new techniques and put in practice the ones you may have learned in a few classes you may have taken.

More than that, you will find a band of brothers that share your love for the great unpaved outdoors and you will find yourself with company to live the dream you had when you bought your adventure bike.

The dream to keep on riding when the road ends.


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