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Almost back!

This first leg of the trip, as you may have seen, did not work out 100% as we wanted. However, that just means one thing, we went out and did it!

The only perfect plan is the one that never leaves the paper, the one that is thought through but never actually see's the light of day. The ones that know, are more often than not subjected to the unseen twists and turns of reality.

For us, reality throw us a curve ball when it comes to food, and that definitely took a huge toll on us.

Now we are recovered, already training with our bikes again, and preparing our next adventures.

To start, we will stay a while in Portugal, riding and showing you not only what this amazing country has to offer but also the incredible wines and teas - yes, more than one tea - that this piece of heaven has hidden for great part of the world.

As for our episodes and articles, those will soon come back into play. We took a step back to rethink our approach as we want to up the quality of the content we put out.

We want to thank you immensely for being there with us on the trip and on this next step. Our adventures are as much yours as they are ours, and they definitely could not exist without you!


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