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What now?

What now? That is the million dollar question, however, it is a question that needs to be explained in parts and not as an all.

The first stage of the trip is done, and yes, not in Dubai as we wanted, but back in Portugal. Bad news, something went wrong and we didn’t finish where we wanted. Good news, we are back in Portugal with the bikes!

And why is that exciting? Because it will allow for many different approaches.

I grew up in Portugal, it's my home, and being back here with the bikes will allow me to show you a lot more of it. Not only the roads but also the food, the wines and the amazing and inspiring people that we have here.

But since I’m going to be doing that, let's take the time to improve! Let's take the time to grab Tea2Wine and bring it a few steps above. Better cinematography, better storytelling, better content.

For that, however, I will need to consolidate some ideas, I will have to try some things, and that means, downtime. For the next few weeks I will not be consistently posting, but only so that when I do, it will all be so much better!

As for us, its back to work! Expeditions are expensive, and both Charlotte and I are back at work trying to make some more money to support the next adventure.

Thank you so much to all of you that have been with us since the beginning, I love every single one of you! So mark my words, we will be back. Soon!


If you like our content and you want to help, our eternal gratitude is yours!


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