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Long motorcycle connection day, iron butt style

Today we did a long motorcycle connection day, iron butt style! 1,200 kms is a stretch, but homesickness hit hard on this last day on the road.

When we arrived in Fonollossa, we were already debating if we should do two days on our crossing from Spain to Portugal, or we should push on and just get home.

Its never easy to leave the road, but for us, that decision was made when we put the bikes on the crates. At this point, is not leaving the road, is just getting back home so we can start a new adventure.

I'm not the biggest fan of super long days on the bike, I don't see the point on doing mile after mile just for the sake of it. For Charlotte, well, we can't forget that not only is she still a rookie, but she is also riding a single cylinder XT660, so long on the saddle days will feel like those old gym machines that just shake your body around.

However, after almost 17.000 km's, do we really want to spend another night on a crapy AirBnB and take another day to get home, or lets put on our big boy and big girl suit pants and just push through, as an adventure inside the adventure?

Move forward! That was the decision, and that decision came at a price. We had to plan our day properly.

Lots of hours straight take a toll on the body, and what is worrying, is that because is gradual, when we start noticing it may be too late.

Regular stops to stretch the legs and move the body around. Lots of water and if possible, high in electrolytes, regular food injection and not being shy to say you need a quick stop are some of the top tips one can't forget.

Tiredness settles slowly and with it, comes lack of attention, complacency towards any noise or strange feeling on the bike, all and all, a silent danger that can bite you very very hard!

Km by km, stop by stop we pushed on, but not even all our tricks helped as much the moral as it did to see the sign saying Portugal followed by the sign with how many kms were left until Lisboa.

Seeing that was like having a RedBull injected straight into the bloodstream, a feeling that definitely gave us wings until home.

Now, time to unpack, clean the bikes and prepare the next adventures!


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