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Touring Switzerland by motorcycle

We are motorcycle riding in Switzerland!!! Enjoying touring heaven in the Alps! Who would've thought a few weeks ago that would be heading to motorcycle heaven?

Time passed, and if a few weeks ago our bodies forced us to change our trip plans, now, they are back in shape, and our will to drive some more remains untouched. More, its exacerbated!

The idea of having our motorcycles on a box somewhere and not with us cuts deep into our souls. Is everything ok with them? Do they miss us?!?!

Sadly, no matter how many times a day we checked out emails, no news on the bikes where arriving, so we had to work around the only thing we had, an approximate date for a delivery time.

Approximate is far from certain, but being that it was the only thing we could use, we decided to make our way into Germany, spend some days with family in Berlin, and eventually go down close to Ulm where the bikes would be delivered.

I guess luck was on our side, as we were able to pick up the bikes on the day we arrived, and uau did that feel good!!

The boxes were opened, the bikes reassembled, and our hearts filled with joy and excitement! If as a grown person you believe Christmas is just for kids, you clearly never unpacked your motorcycle as a biker!

The excitement, however,r was short lived. A distraction on our part made sure we would forget to unplug something on Charlottes XT660, and if my F800GS started its engine with not even a hiccup, the XT refused to start. A common case of dead bateritus that would require a 220v injection to the heart, in pure Pulp Fiction style to bring it back live.

I cannot say it was that exciting, but the offer from the warehouse workers to lend us their battery boost was indeed the cherry on top of our "getting the bikes back" cake.

With our bikes reassembled, packed, and fueled up, time to hit the road. Direction? Motorcycle heaven, touring Meca, dreamy twisties and snowy mountains, the Swiss Alps.

Both Charlotte and I have been to the Alps and Switzerland before, but never on motorcycles, and the roads welcomed us like we do a friend that visits our house for the first time.

Incredibly riding temperature, magnificent views filled with vineyards around the Rhone river, roads depleted from cars or animal traffic, an absolutely incredible day back on the bikes.

Now, it was time to relax, do some trekking around the Alps to get our endurance and stamina back to long riding shape and decide the best way back into Portugal.


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