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We didn't tell you everything about tea

We didn't tell you everything about our tea visits, and the main reason is that I lost the footage. Now that we are home to try and get better before heading back onto the road, it seemed like a perfect time to tell you all about it.

During our time both in Turkey and in Georgia, we visited more plantations and tried more tea and wines than the ones I showed on the vlog. Nothing I wouldn't expect already, it's always hard to choose what goes on the vlog or not. However, this time the reason was far worst. I lost a lot of footage.

I try to triple save everything, and I also try to have some routines. Finish the day, charge the cameras, download the footage of the day onto the HD and external drives, clean the cards.

I try my best to, almost in an OCD way, have that routine. Gives me some sense of routine, which is something that on the road lacks, and its the perfect way to make sure everything I recorded during the day is saved.

What did I learn? A perfect way is not the same as a bulletproof way!

More than once during the expedition my perfect plan failed. How? I don't know, but it did, and with it so did fail my ability to have all my footage saved.

Good examples of that fail were the footage I recorded both on my visit to the Renegade Tea Estate and our interview with Nana Kirmelashvili from Nagomari Tea.

The Renegade Tea Farmers are a fantastic group of young people, that moved into Georgia with one thing in mind. Bring back the Georgian tea into the world!

Their project is impressive, and more than that, inclusive. Inclusive of the local villages that are seeing their tea jobs being brought back, and inclusive of all of you, that can join them over their crowdfunding campaign.

The other tea-related visit was a follow-up to the vlog where we went to the Nagomari tea estate. At that time, it was arranged that once we would get to Tbilisi, we would be able to visit Nana Kirmelashvili, the chairman of Nagorami Tea. What a great conversation, and what a great knowledge of Georgia, Georgian culture and of Georgian tea.

I would've liked to have had the opportunity to have tried more of their teas and infusions, but I will definitely keep an eye on what they are producing. They are a young Tea company, but they will be a very strong one in the Georgian tea industry in my opinion!

Footage may be lost, but thank yous cannot be forgotten, and I have a huge thank you to the Renegade Tea Farmers and to Nana for welcoming us, showing us around, and answering to all our questions!


If you like our content and you want to help, our eternal gratitude is yours!


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