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Flying connection day

No, not everything about a motorcycle adventure has to do with motorcycles. Today, our adventure is a flying connection day from Tbilisi to Lisbon.

It is a common mistake to believe that once you are traveling everything is a sea of roses, unicorns, and rainbows, but is it really like that?

Yes, the highs, are indeed extremely high.

Yes, those incredible pictures we see all over social media and on magazines, are sometimes a shy rendition of reality.

Yes, the people you meet on the road most of the times are incredible to an extent that is hard to express.

Yes, you are "living the life", but that does not make everything perfect. That just means you are living a different kind of life, and as life goes, some days are better than others.

For us, on a motorcycle trip, that different life means that we do have days where we don't even touch the bikes. We hike, we walk, we interact with our environment outside of our bikes cockpit, and for the next few weeks, that is exactly what will happen, we will be away from our bikes.

As you know, last week we shipped our motorcycles from Georgia to Germany, and that meant, that our motorcycle adventure would now be going bikeless for a few weeks. Sadly, that was not because it was time to go home, but because our bodies had said "Enough!".

Enough with how we were taking care of them. Enough with the constant abuse, we were putting them through, and that meant only one thing, our bikeless interaction with the world was now limited to the couch and the bed, trying to get enough strength to fly back home.

Although our rest strategy was strong, the results were not the best, but still, we had to face our new found adventure. Go on 2 different flights on a total of close to 18 hours trip while fighting the end of yet another set of food poisoning symptoms.

Lucky for us, food poisoning tends to flush out on its own within a few days and hours, and by the time we reached Lisbon, we were already feeling better. However, this traveling day, although lacking in excitement, was one of the hardest ones on our adventure so far!


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