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Motorcycle road trip Georgia

We continue our motorcycle road trip in Georgia, and this week our adventure is taking us is taking us from Tskaltubo to Tbilisi but first, we had to make a very special pit stop.

The area around Kutaisi and Tskaltubo is just a motorcycle adventure heaven.

From incredible twisty roads that always keep the pressure on, splitting your attention between the sudden gaps on the asphalt to the beautiful landscapes that pull your eyes away from the turns and straights, to the available off road that is not necessarily demanding, but with cows on the trail and sections of very loose pebbles and rocks where traction becomes challenging, the dual sport side of this part of Georgia is just heaven.

With that in mind, and after spending a couple of days enjoying the local riding around tourist traps - locations that despite being nice, were more exciting on brochures and websites - we decided it was time to move on to the capital. But before that, we had gotten word that we should make a very special spot.

That stop was nothing short of the physical embodiment of Tea2Wine, a plantation where tea and wine were growing side by side, and producing quality products. The catch? The plantations were behind closed doors on private land, and the owner only spoke Russian and Georgian.

Still, we decided that it was too good of an opportunity to just skip it, so we made our way there, arming ourselves with high spirits and an updated version of Google translator.

Arriving there, we found that our supposed contact was not there, and we moved forward trying to communicate with whoever answered the door, which in this case, was the sweetest and most patient old lady, with whom the communication was not easy.

We tried showing her maps, we tried google translator, we even tried stopping the only person that crossed paths with us and asking for help. Nothing worked, and still, she didn't budge, trying to understand what we needed or wanted. After 45 long minutes, Charlotte's charades skills took the upper hand, and we were invited to go inside and see her plantations! Excitement and joy were on everyone's faces, mine for obvious reasons, and Charlotte's and the lady, of whom we never managed to know the name, just because they understood each other for a split second.

The sight was worth it. A green spectacle of beautifully planted tea rows mixed with vineyards that were hanging from metallic frames showed plantations full of life, healthy and all around awesomeness!

As much as I would love to spend more time there and ask a million questions that were not an option, and from there we made our way back on the road for some more driving heaven as we made our way to the busy Tbilisi.

What a fantastic fantastic day!


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