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Georgian traditional wines - wine route

Last week we made our way into the wine route, and this week we visit one of the best winemakers in Georgian traditional wines.

On our last wine visit, we couldn't enjoy the wines fully, we still had to drive to our next destination, and regardless of the "easygoingness" that Georgians show towards drinking and driving, we cannot say we share the same point of view. With that in mind, we would be lying if we wouldn't say we were rather excited to reach our final destination and allow ourselves to kick the riding boots and gear to a corner, put on something more comfortable, and fully enjoy a few glasses of wine.

We kept on being recommended a visit to Gaioz Sopromadze. A legend of the Georgian traditional wines that has his production close to Kutaisi. Known not only in Georgian but also internationally, Gaioz opened his doors to us and received us in the best way possible, with a bottle of wine and stories to tell.

The visit to Gaioz was great. We got to see and learn about traditional winemaking in a different way. Not only did we get to try many different wines and hear the differences to other traditional winemaking areas and techniques, we were also lucky enough to see the bottling of the new wines that will come out this year and try some very small production and special wines that Gaioz has stored as somewhat of a trick up his sleeve to astonish the wine world.

We cannot stop being amazed at the numbers of this operations. If in Portugal 3.000 square meters of vineyards is barely enough to make a production that may allow you to even think of selling, in Georgia, those numbers are enough for export.

Its understandable that the production methods and costs with the qvevris are lower than in Europe and in European style wine productions, and it is also understandable that they are using - extremely well I must say - their wine history and heritage, but it is still amazing that pretty much everyone we talked to exports, and we met a few small producers.

Truth be told, the size of an operations does not dictate the quality of its product, and we did try some very good wines!


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