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Motorcycle riding into Georgia wine

Last week we found tea, and this week, we took our motorcycle riding into one of Georgia's wine regions.

Life on the road is not always easy, and trying to make contacts, learn new places to see and people to meet up, do research and plan things, is not always easy, quite the opposite. Knowing all of this, regardless of how many hours you spend trying to get internet to make your plans, or trying to find anyone that you can communicate with, we easily find ourselves by the side of the road making last-minute contacts, and this time it was no different.

Our dual sport adventure this week starts by the side of the road, close to the detour to Bagdati. Not the same place, but one cannot stop himself from imagining riding its own bike into the actual place...

Sounding words aside, we were there waiting for a call from Baia. A young winemaker from that part of the country, that produces Georgian traditional wines, and that kept on being recommended to us, not only for her good quality wines but also because she spoke English, a feature that we appreciate very much.

Although we had spoken to her a couple of days before, we were unclear where the road would take us, so we ended up not booking anything with her for a visit, leaving us with a last minute request that she very gently accepted. At this point, we have to say a huge thank you to her. As our request was indeed last minute, there was no one available to talk to us in any of the languages we understand, however, between her phone explanations and her parent's small but valuable English and German skills, we had a fantastic visit.

A nice young 8-year-old vineyard full of Georgian varietals, a fantastic meal that we could not run away from, not because we wanted too, but because the color and smell of the food were pulling us to the table like magnets, and 3 very nice wines made our afternoon.

A red, full-bodied and with a juvenile yet beautiful aroma of ripped grapes and flowers, a white that personally, I found a bit high on acidity, and a homemade one, that sadly they don't sell. The aromas of melon, the velvetiness and the long lasting sweet taste of ripped summer fruits made me curse the fact that we were not staying there overnight and I had to drive. Not far, but driving is driving, and our tasting could not allow me to indulge in that homemade goodness.

Time to hit the road again, as the second vineyard visit of the day did include a sleepover!


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