Motorcycle riding in Georgia - Tea plantation visit

May 2, 2018


We are now with our motorcycles riding in Georgia, and although I did accidentally erase part of this episodes footage, we still managed to show you a tea plantation visit.


I cannot wait for next week to show you more of the road and off-road that Georgia has to offer, but I can explain what we have been seeing.


To start off, dual sport motorcycles are rare around here, but let me tell you, they shouldn't. The road conditions are complicated, and although the off-road we have been facing isn't extremely demanding, it is very easily found, even when you are cruising on what you would consider being a well-paved road. Between holes and just sheer lack of tarmac, any road can instantaneously turn into an off-road track.


I cannot point out enough how happy we are that we are riding our dual sport bikes here!


Animals on the road, ranging from cows to ducks, not forgetting pigs and dogs, as many cars with left-hand steering wheels as right-hand ones, and a plain disregard behind the wheel for their own safety and of other on the road, fills up the rest of the pie that are Georgian roads.


This "road pie" has been with us every second of our time in this beautiful country and has guided us in this episode from Batumi to Nagomari, a small village where we met our first tea contact.


We were shown part of their tea plantation, explained how they pick their teas, the processes they have in the fields, and finally, we were brought to their small but very well equipped tea factory. There, they showed us all the process steps, and we could not be happier. Not only with the fact that we were finally seeing tea from the fields to the final product, but also intoxicated with the fantastic smell that was filling up the factory floor, as the fresh tea leaves transformed themselves into the black tea we were later shown as the final product.


Sadly, this is where our visual adventure ended with the loss of our footage, but from the factory, we moved to a very small village close by where we stayed overnight. Possibly one of the strangest and poorest rooms we stayed in, but where the niceness of the owner was far from unbeatable. 


With us not speaking the same languages, and with Google translator failing to help us, he still very kindly offered us his slaughterhouse factory for us to safely store our bikes overnight and presented us with a very simple yet tasty dinner.


Our time in this country has been going smooth, and as we get to see more of it, we cannot hold ourselves to make comparisons with Portugal, Switzerland and many others. We cannot wait to see what else Georgia has to show us!




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