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Wondering how good the new NEXX X.WED2 helmet is? Well, so was I ever since I did the unboxing a month ago.

Since then, I and Charlotte put over 7.000 kms on our helmets over conditions that went from -5ºC with snow, to rain, crosswinds and 27ºC days, and that has given us time to make up our minds as to what we think of this piece of gear.

So far, all we can say is uau! The jump up from the previous model, the very well known X.1D, may seem small when you put one close to the other, as apparently they are "the same", however, from the moment you put it on to the first ride, you will find differences one after the other.

As I always try to avoid the most asked question when talking about helmet "how noisy is it?", I have to say, it is a lot less noisy than the X.1D. And why do I restrict my answer to that? Quietness on a helmet is extremely personal, it goes from your personal hearing health to the aerodynamic protection of your bike, not to mention what kind of helmets you are used to or not. Since I've used this helmet, as well as the X.1D over the same condition, and on the same bike, all I can attest is that the X.WED2 is much better in terms of soundproofing.

Aerodynamics was also immensely improved. If on the previous model I felt some pull from the wind and some shaking, especially in crosswinds or when standing up on the bike at high speeds, the X.WED2 holds its ground like a rock star! I feel extremely confident standing up on the bike at speed, and even with crosswinds up to 70kms/h as we got on this trip, the helmet was extremely stable and trust-inspiring.

The vents were also improved quite a lot over the last model. The mouth vent is incredibly good, especially if you switch to the mesh one. The top vents are also incredible and you feel the cold wind going inside the helmet at a much higher rate than on the X.1D.

All in all, if you like the old X.1D, do try the X.WED2, I'm sure you will be as impressed as we were!


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