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Motorcycle riding in Turkey - Istanbul to Amasra

We finally left Istanbul, and it is time to take our motorcycle riding across Turkey, this week, we made it to Amasra.

We continue to face bad weather, I mean, not terrible weather as we did with the wind in Spain and France, nor snow and rain, but cold, still very very cold. I personally have not undressed my heated gear since Spain and ride with it on most days, even if it is just at the beginning and end of the day. Sadly, no heated gear for our cameras that keep on striking from work when the temperatures are low which keeps on making our lives very difficult when it comes to capturing the beauty of what we are seeing, but more on that in a second.

Off we are again battling the insane traffic of Istanbul, a stronger wake up than any coffee can give you, but that's how our trip had to start, and so it did, lucky not the most insane traffic that city had thrown our way, and fast enough we were on the road heading into some mountain passes on the north of the city.

Progress is slow as we want to not only enjoy the moment but also respect the traffic rules, something that proves itself to be not as straightforward as one might imagine as the road signs present themselves in a very different way than they do in Portugal. We see the signs to slow down in certain areas, but not the end of speed limit signs, meaning, we stay at 50 or 70 for endless hours. Nothing necessarily worrying or problematic, but definitely something that does not allow for a fast progression.

Roadside cafes in the mountains, incredible welcoming people and stunning views around the mountain passes welcome us on the roads that lie ahead, even when those roads are pure mud tracks, the spirits remain high, with only a hint of sadness as we struggle to capture any footage of it as our action cameras continue to refuse to work in cold temperatures, even after we purchased new batteries trying to mitigate the problem.

Sadly the little XT is again acting up, keeps on shutting itself down at low RPMs, and that has forced to stay put as we try to figure out what is happening. But nothing like turning bad into a good, so we decided to pitch our tent, enjoy our much-loved sleeping bag, and give a small step into our camping, something that will shave a lot of money out of our limited budget!


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