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Lets talk adventure motorcycle travelling

We finally arrived at our beginning, now the adventure can start!

More than showing all we are seeing and experiencing with long "helmet cam" footage, we want to document our experience, thoughts, ideas, and feelings, properly showcase the ups and downs of this dual sport adventure.

As some of you already know from our Facebook and Instagram stories, our main camera broke, and our action cameras froze in the cold we faced in the last week, meaning that even if we wanted to share hours of film, we just can't as we could not film it. Our cameras would turn on and immediately off again, allowing us with a little bit of luck to get 3 or 4 seconds of - in most cases - extremely pixelated footage.

But we want to share our story, we want to keep putting content out, and with that in mind, this week we decided to do something different and give you a little interview of all that is going through our minds.

From irrational fears to expectations not skipping out on what so far has been our personal highlights, this week you get a deep dive into the team's mind.


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