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Best motorcycle chain lube

Little details make all the difference when you are on a long dual sport adventure ride, and keeping your chain lubed is definitely one of them.

It is very important to know how to lube your chain properly, and I've covered that in a previous video - - but it is never too much to remember, always lube your chain for the inside and not the outside.

As it rotates, the oil you put outside will jump out of the chain, making the inside completely dry. If you lube it from the inside, physics will force the oil through the chain and eventually out, making the entire kit properly lubed.

Another thing we need to keep in mind is how often we should actually do this little maintenance routine. Personally, every 2 to 3 tanks, averaging around 1.000kms between lubes is what I do. Every tank to two tanks if off road is involved.

My biggest problem when it comes to keeping this schedule is the can of lube itself. Its big, bulky and occupies a lot of space, especially for something that needs to keep coming off the bags, and this problem affects not only me. Over the years I've met many riders that decide to not lube their chains as often just because they don't want to carry the big cans of lube with them.

That, however, was not an option for this trip. We will be riding a lot of kms and keeping our chain healthy will save us not only a lot of money but also a lot of headaches.

Our sponsors at MOTOREX - Oil of Switzerland had the solution to our problem, the small and rechargeable cans of chain lube. Our setup for this expedition was simple. Keeping the big can somewhere where we could access it, but where we wouldn't need to remove it and keep the small can in our backpacks, where we can easily reach.

Four days into the trip and our system is working brilliantly. No excuses not to keep our chain in perfect condition.


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