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Adventure motorcycles Portugal and Spain

Tea2Wine finally hit the road, and it was not easy, but our adventure motorcycles are finally crossing Portugal and Spain.

We did get a false start that we cannot lie, really brought us down. 10 minutes after our start Charlotte’s bike ran out of gas, a serious fail on our part. With the will to start doing miles, we pushed the reserve further than we should’ve and paid the price. The biggest problem was that while Charlotte was waiting for me to come back with gas, her lights went out.

No backlights, and no blinkers, something that plays a big part in safety, and worst of all, 10 minutes away from home.

We pulled the bike to the nearest gas station to evaluate the problem, but nothing. We tried all we could not to have to pull the plug on our departure, but we did not succeed, forcing us to go back home and find the problem.

A quick research over the XT’s wiring diagram and some poking around the bike, and we started zeroing in on the problem, ending up finding that the culprit was a loose wire under the fuel tank.

Problems solve, time to try a second attempt on start the expedition, and this time, success was waiting for us!

With bikes we never tried with luggage before and having faced some problems on the XT’s front wheel in the past week, we decided to take things slowly and aimed for little over 350kms on the first day, ending up in Merida, followed by a 650km day until Zaragoza.

We are still trying to get a hang of the bikes and the luggage, of the cameras and the mics on the helmets, and with the cold, serious wind and even some snow we already got, we still have a long way to go to produce the videos in the quality we want to, but at this time, we are happy we are on the move, and that since we left we faced no problems other than the cold.


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