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The first day picture!

It has been a loooooooonnnnnggggg week my friends, but we are finally on the road.

The little XT has been giving us some troubles, from a front tire that needed a speedy replacement at a very early age, to a busted wheel hub we got it all in the last week. However, a big group of helpful and fantastic people went above all that could be asked for, and delivered us all the parts and help we could hope for and we found ourselves with a fully working bike. Or at least we thought so...

Bikes ready, packed, and off we went on our adventure. We knew we had two more things to do before starting to eat up the miles, put fuel on both bikes were showing the reserve light, and insert the puncture preventive liquid inside our tires. We passed by two pumps on our first 5 minutes of riding, but the eagerness to do miles took the best of us, and we decided to push on, just for a little bit. Needless to say, 5 more minutes into the ride, the XT ran out of fuel by the side of the road, nothing that could not be fixed fast, as it died 2kms away from the next station, but never a good start of the day, however the worst came when we actually got the XT into the pump, the lights died. No rear lights or blinkers, and that problem was far more concerning.

After much debate and a fair amount of troubleshooting, we decided that the best was to drive the 10 minutes back home and do some more digging, fix the problem, and hit the road with everything fixed, and so we did. The culprit, a loose wire under the fuel tank.

The second day, second attempt at getting this show on the road, and that we did. We didn't drive much, little over 350kms, but considering it was the first time we drove the bikes with the gear on for more than 1 hour, that we don't even know how many km's the bikes do per fuel tank, and that we are still getting the little details on how to fix everything to the bike and make it comfortable, we decided for the side of caution instead of hitting the road for some serious mileage.

We are happy, excited, tired and overwhelmed, but ready to hit the road again tomorrow :)

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