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Time to hit the road!

We are finally ready to hit the road, and uau it has been a long way to get here.

This last year has been crazy, with loads of ups and downs, and with loads of information shared, new friends made, and project and personal growth.

We feel humbled and thankful for all that have accompanied us so far, and all that have helped us get here. These last 2 weeks alone, just trying to finish the XT, the list of helpful souls is more than we can count.

To every single one of you, THANK YOU!

But now is time to finally hit the road, to get the wheels turning, and make our way to tea plantations and wine vineyards. Time for different cinematography and storytelling, time for new and exciting adventures.

Before setting off, we want to share with you our apologies beforehand. On the road, the internet will not be as regular and fast as we would like, so if we miss some uploads, we are sorry, but we will do our best to keep everything up to date as much as we can. It is as important to us to share this adventure with you as it is to live it ourselves!

With that in mind, our webpage has been updated, and you can not only follow us in real time, you will also have updated videos and stories from the countries we will be visiting.

If you want to help us out, you just need to become a Patron 😀 All it takes is 1€ a month, and trust us, that makes a huge difference! We do not offer big rewards, our information and story are free for all and we want to keep it like that. What we can promise, is that all our Patrons, will always have a reply over our Patreon page.

With the limited internet and growing social numbers, we know it will happen that we won't be able to answer every single one of you as we always try to do.

Time to suit up, fill the fuel tanks, and hit the road!

Thank you for being here until now, and we hope you enjoy traveling with us as much as we will enjoy bringing you along!


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