Last minute expedition nerves

March 14, 2018


We have arrived at the end of season one, and the last minute expedition nerves are hitting hard!


The motorcycles that we will take on this dual sport adventure are not yet 100% ready, the paperwork is insane not only to take care off, but in size, and we are still a bit unclear on everything we want to take with us. 


All of that would be perfectly fine if it was not for the fact that we are already one week behind schedule!


The Iran visa delayed one week, and that gave us some extra time, time, that in all fairness if it was 6 more months, would still not be enough. It is human nature to leave things to the last minute, and we are being no different.


We have been planning this for a long time, so we have a general idea of everything we need to take and need to do, and that, in my opinion, is the problem. We have it 90% figured out, so it's easy to keep postponing the last 10%, and at this time, that is hitting our nerves hard.


We know all will be perfectly OK, but at this point, emotions are running high.


To add to the emotional rollercoaster is Season 01 of Tea2Wine. Over this last year, I've shared with you guys all the preparations we did, all the good and the bad moments, and I'm so grateful to all of you that joined us so far. It will be a true pleasure to take all of you with us as we hit the road next weekend.


Thank you so much guys, and get ready, because Tea2Wine and its community will hit the road for season two in just 3 days!




If you like our content and you want to help, our eternal gratitude is yours!




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Meet The Team

Zé comes from Portugal where from an early age he started walking in vineyards and getting a feel for the land. His first tours off road where all mountain biking and downhill, however only when motorcycles came into his life, did he felt the urge to ride the world.

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Charlotte is an adventurous spirit that found that motorcycles and an around the world expedition where an exciting combination. She took her drivers license in September 2017 to depart on a 100.000kms expedition on a 200kg bike in March 2018.