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Grips for motorcycles - riding TIPS and TRICKS

Motorcycle grips are one of those parts of all motorcycles that most times gets overlooked, but in this video, I'm sharing my riding tips and tricks when it comes to this very important topic.

There are many options out there when it comes to grips, from the custom ones made out of leather or aluminum, to the sticky rubber ones used on motocross, enduro, and freestyle. But for those of us that don't run customs or are shredding out on the trails, our bikes come usually equipped with thin rubber grips that are not known to be the peak of comfort.

A common solution for this problem is the usage of grip puppies, grip buddies or any other "over the grip" grips. Although they are very comfortable, they produce a problem for us dual sport adventure riders that like to take our bikes off road.

For all intended purposes, the grip puppies and similars will add a second layer to the original grip, making the thickness of the handlebar bigger. When off-roading, it is very important to keep one to two fingers covering the levers at all time in order to reduce reaction time, and that means we keep 2 to 3 fingers only on the handlebar, which usually is enough, but not if you cannot wrap those fingers tightly around the handlebar.

If you have big hands, you may not notice any problems when using grip puppies, but that is a small part of the population, I use Large size gloves and still can't wrap my fingers around handlebars with puppies, and I've got a couple of scares from that, so I ended up ditching my puppies and finding another solution.

I found some brands that have foam/rubber rally designed grips, and those are the ones I ride today. They are not as comfortable as the puppies, but they are insanely more comfortable than the OEM rubber ones. They do marvels when it comes to reducing vibration, hand blisters and all around increase the comfort of the ride. I've also used bicycle foam grips, they will not last as much as the motorcycle ones, but they also do a fantastic job.

Also, they can be, as the puppies can, used over the elements of heated grips, making them a fantastic replacement for any tired rubber grips on a set of heated grips.

On a top tip, when replacing the grips from heated units, be careful not to damage the electronics or they will stop heating up. But with time and patience, you can get the job done and increase your comfort and safety immensely.


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