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Motorcycle suspension shop visit

Big week for us here at Tea2Wine, because this week, my F800GS and Charlottes XT660R got upgraded suspensions as we visited my favorite motorcycle suspension shop, at MXT - Racing Suspension.

My F800GS already had the suspension upgraded, but fresh oil and new seals always make everything better, and it was great to see them work on my forks and get some footage of it.

Charlotte's bike got a serious overhaul. We had already changed the front suspension from the Yamaha OEM to the WP48mm forks that will guide this incredible bike around the world, but the forks were tired, old and in desperate need of some serious professional care. I know my way around a bike, but I know when to call it quits, and that means, knowing when I need to pass it on to people that know way more than me. In this case, that man is Rui Assunção, a suspension genius that has prepared everything from my modest suspension to Dakar racing bikes.

As a rider and a mechanic, I want to learn as much as I can over my life, and for that to happen, it is very important to be humble and to make sure I know my limits so I can ask and learn from those that know more. This week, that meant learning a little bit more about suspensions and how we can and should play around with it on our trip in order to find the perfect setup for us.

The little XT's suspension is now rocking hard with the TFX in the back and the WP48's in the front, and both me and Charlotte are super super excited about the result! The bike is riding super smooth and cohesive, as a "can do it all" little blue tank.

If you are going on a dual sport long-term adventure expedition, I strongly recommend you to revise your suspension. New oil, new forks, maybe new springs and an adjustment for the trips weight, will do all the difference on your day to day, on your safety, and on your comfort day in and day out.

It was also great to test out the new helmets and intercoms, and it was soo good to ride again together and being able to speak. It really felt like we were already on our expedition, something that will start next week!

Exciting times ahead!


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