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NEXX X.WED2 Helmet unboxing

New helmet day!!!! The brand new NEXX X.WED2 is here, and more than that, this one is unique in the world, because the fantastic team at NEXX, allowed us to customize our X.WED2 for the expedition.

But if I know some of you are as excited as I am with the new iteration of the very popular X.D1 helmet, some are oblivious to who NEXX is, so let me address that first.

NEXX is a Portuguese helmet manufacturer that produces high-quality fiber helmets. And if you may be thinking I’m saying they produce high-quality helmets because they are Portuguese and so am I, think again. The Touratech Aventuro helmet is the NEXX X.D1 in a carbon version, other than that, it is the exact same helmet, and this new iteration of that successful model, the brand new X.WED2, will also exist in carbon for Touratech, although I am unclear on the new designation that Touratech will use.

That alone should be speak volumes about the quality of NEXX, but on a personal note, I’ll add another layer to the professionalism of this company.

Less than a month ago, part of their factory burned down, and even with a rebuild at hands, they did not forget about their commitment towards us at Tea2Wine, and they delivered us our helmets with time to spare before our departure. I am not only amazed but also incredibly humbled and grateful to this amazing team that from the giants like Touratech to the little guy like us, treats all commitments as equals.

But what about the new helmet? According to NEXX themselves its a complete re-make of the X.D1, but it is hard to get that with a simple glance, as that might tell you they are exactly the same.

Today I’m not trying it out, so I’m yet to put to the test everything they are saying, but having owned an X.D1, as soon as I took the new X.WED2 out of the box and looked a little closer, I saw some differences.

The vents are different, and the red of the emergency straps also popped out when turning the helmet around.

The fit also seems different. As I felt that the X.D1 tended to squeeze my face a bit too much towards the front of the helmet, this new X.WED2 fits like a glove, and I cannot wait to take it out for a spin and see how it sits once the force of the wind starts playing its tricks.

The peak, however, is where my eyes get caught. Not only is it a big design difference, it also has adjustability, something the old model didn’t have. Having had adjustable peaks in the past, I am extremely excited about this add.

As for the graphics, my huge thank you for the guys at AQD Graphics that did a fantastic job, and allowed NEXX to finish this helmet that looks absolutely sick!

All in all, the helmet seems like a clear upgrade from the old model, and with this unboxing, I could not be happier with what I’m seeing. I cannot be more excited to take it out for a spin and see what it does in the real world, but that will be for a different day and a different episode.

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