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Adventure travel paperwork

There are some problems that cross borders, and when it comes to adventure travel, regardless of how you are traveling, paperwork is always a problem. When you are motorcycle adventure traveling, it all takes a weird twist.

If you ever been outside of your own country you know that from passports to the occasional vaccine, the process goes relatively smoothly. It gets a bit more complicated if you find yourself going to a less traveled country, but even like that, the worst part is usually the long flight to get there.

When you do decide to overland the world or a stretch of it, well, that's when things get seriously complicated.

The number of vaccines needed goes up, so do all the precautions one has to have with its own health, something you usually cover at your pre-travel appointment, we did, in serious detail.

But the worst, by far the worst for me, is all the paperwork needed. Countries where visas are hard to get, countries where you can't go if you have a stamp from another country they don't like, border crossings into the same country that apply different rules, or even countries where the rules change so rapidly that its borderline impossible to know which ones are the ones you need to obey.

Needless to say, that the process of getting information is not only tedious, but borderline insane in the number of hours one spends online in forums, talking to people that have been there recently, friends of friends, and of course, embassies. All of that so you can reach the end of that long line of contacts, just to find out you actually didn't get anywhere in some cases.

Vlogging, on the other hand, is supposed to be interesting, upbeat or serious, but interesting, engaging, with a story to tell. And that clashes directly with the reality of the bureaucracy of adventure traveling and all its paperwork.

This week, I go in search of the papers required for our Carnet du Passage to be issued. The Carnet is for all intended purposes the passport of our motorcycles, and it will be required for a great part of our expedition. Some countries require it, some don't, but for us, a document that we will not be able to travel without.


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