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Run long, run smooth

Another day another step forward! As you may know, my background is aviation maintenance, and if there is something dear and important for me is mechanical accuracy and longevity. For a few years, I thought classes on motorcycle preventive maintenance and field maintenance, and one of the topics I always spent a lot of time on was oils! If you want your brakes to perform, your engine to run smoothly and the longevity of your parts to go over the deadline of your adventures, you need to trust your oils! I wish I had a penny for everytime I said that and I heard back "yeah, but an oil is just an oil!" well... tea and wine are also "just" tea and wine, however, they don't all taste the same now do they? Adjust your oils to your needs, to your expectations and don't cheap out on it. As you wouldn't like bad blood running through your veins, don't let bad oils run your engine, brakes or suspensions. As the bike continues to progress and the expedition takes a more mature shape, new sponsorships roll in, and this time, I'm extremely proud to announce MOTOREX - Oil of Switzerland as my lubricant technical partner!! Now Bia will run smooooooothly around the world.

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