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Welcome to Tea2Wine's Patreon, and thank you for helping!

Life on the road will be hard in more ways than it might seem at a glance. Yes, it will be demanding physically and on many occasions, mentally, but those are just the first things one can think of, so what else is there?

Amongst many others, staying connected.

It will be very difficult to balance living the experience, documenting it, edit it and upload it, all while driving around the world and staying fresh enough to do it all over again the next day.

I am not complaining by any means, but a one-year expedition is a marathon, not a sprint, and as such, we need to pace not to burn out prematurely. But even if we could sprint the entire way, there is still the complicated part of uploading the information on to the web.

On the road, staying connected to high-speed internet is not always easy or cheap, so a very difficult choice had to be made.

We are strong believers that Tea2Wine's information needs to be free for all, needs to be available for everyone across as many platforms as we can share it on, and more than that, we want to answer to every single one of you, always. However, we had to accept that on the road, that may not be possible at all times, and instead of failing on our commitment to reply, we had to make a tough decision, we had to choose one platform where we could guarantee that no question or comment would be left unanswered.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, although platforms we like, are not necessarily the easiest ones to keep track of all your comments and inputs. Tea2Wine is still a very small project, and we keep a very close eye on our social, and still, sadly we do miss the occasional comment from time to time and end up replying with some tardy.

Youtube is easier to keep up to date, and if you follow our project, you know that since the beginning of our channel, no question or comment has been left unanswered, however, Youtube sits only on video, but our content does not. A text or a picture is not something we can share with you over Youtube but is something that we can share with more frequency than a Youtube episode, so if we want to stay as connect with you as possible and keep our content more clustered, Youtube is also not the platform to do it in.

Our website could and will always be the answer, but it is hard to keep a community alive and healthy over a website that is not a forum, so although our website will always be a hub to our content and news, it is not the right place to keep everyone up to date and fulfill our wish of everlasting connectivity with those like yourself that choose to spend time with us and travel the world through our eyes.

Patreon was the solution found. The content we will share on Patreon will be the same content we will separately share over all our other media, but on Patreon, it will not only be condensed and curated in a different way, but that ability will allow us to give the ultimate reward to our Patrons, the guarantee that no answer on Patreon will be unanswered.

Will we continue to try our best to answer your questions and inputs over all the other social platforms we post on? You can be sure of it!

Can we guarantee that we will not miss a single post on our other platforms? Sadly no.

With this in mind, although our content will continue to be free and the lines of communication between you and Tea2Wine will remain as open as always, you can now choose to help us keep it as it is, and by doing so, find yourself in a platform where you will get curated content from all our other platforms and a guarantee that we will never miss a comment from you. On top of that, you will have our eternal gratitude for helping us keep our dream alive.

Welcome to Tea2Wine's Patreon, and thank you for helping!

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