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BMW Build Thread - Q&A

I've been getting quite a few questions regarding our bike builds, and I will divide them into 2 threads, one for the BMW - already up - and one for the XT - yet to be done.

Over the years I've learned a LOT on ADVrider and I own an insane amount of knowledge to all those guys there, so, and to give back to the community, I've shared my bike builds there, and I'm attaching the link here

There is also a video playlist of the build on the Tea2Wine's Youtube linked bellow for those that do prefer to see videos than read, or just want to complement the build thread with some cinematography.

All and any questions, feel free to ask, as always, I'll be delighted to answer and help you guys understand better what and why I did what I did, as well, as help you on your own modifications :)

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