BMW Adventure bike build - Motorcycle final details

February 14, 2018


We are now at the one month mark before departure, and other than finishing our adventure bike build, we still have so much to do! We literally have two A4 pages full of things we need to do before departing, its borderline insanity. But how does one take on such a massive list? Well, one step at a time.


We are juggling an insane amount of tasks at the same time, so choosing one or the other to finish first is on its own a massive endeavor. For me though, that choice is still simple, first, we need the bikes ready and do all the final details on both our BMW adventure bike build as well on our XT bike build. No point in preparing a motorcycle expedition without motorcycles, and if Charlotte’s XT is still a long way to be finished, my bike though is on the verge of it.


I mean, the bike could already take the expedition, but the devil is in the details, and that means, there is still a few things I want to do. I want to attach all my electronics to a fuse box, something that none of the new Adventure bikes has and I think its essential. Who would like to see its bike stopped in its tracks just because the GPS cradle or the heated grips short-circuited? I sure wouldn’t, and the only way to make that happen is with a fuse box.


I also want to install emergency pillion footrest, as I removed the OEM ones, and I also want to create a bypass for the fan. Hot days are murderers for motorcycle engines, and we will be driving through some very warmed environment places and off road is in our plans. A fan bypass will allow me to try and keep the temperature more controlled. 


All of this brought me back to BMW, and my bike to the gifted hands of João, the BMW Motorrad Motomil head mechanic. It has been a true pleasure to build this bike with him, and the more we dive into the unknown on our transformations, the more amazed I am with the skill and resource capabilities of this BMW team. More than a huge thank you, I owe them my sincere recognition for a fantastic work ethic, ability to innovate and solve problems while creating this incredible bike.


My eternal thank you to BMW Motorrad Portugal and to BMW Motomil, I would not have been able to achieve such a fantastic final product without you.




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Meet The Team

Zé comes from Portugal where from an early age he started walking in vineyards and getting a feel for the land. His first tours off road where all mountain biking and downhill, however only when motorcycles came into his life, did he felt the urge to ride the world.

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Charlotte is an adventurous spirit that found that motorcycles and an around the world expedition where an exciting combination. She took her drivers license in September 2017 to depart on a 100.000kms expedition on a 200kg bike in March 2018.