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Behind the scenes of my motorcycle photoshoot

This week, I take you behind the scenes of my motorcycle photoshoot! The official photoshoot of our 2018 BMW F800GS - Behind the scenes video linked below.

It is the first of many, and the one that marks the end this build.

I wanted to share with you guys some tricks, tips, motorcycle photography ideas and techniques, but I didn't manage to get my plan going :( And why is that?

Well, first of all, slight overwhelmedness. On my naiveness, I had no idea what to expect. I was thinking "yeah, some lights, snap snap, and done". And that wasn't exactly how it went down.

Secondly, the time of day. I didn't even consider that we would be shooting at night, so I was totally convinced we were aiming at the golden hour and not waiting until dark to play around with lights on demand. I mean, makes perfect sense and the result was great, but again, lack of preparation dictated a bad outcome on my part.

Although I like my camera a lot, I would love to be working with a different camera and lenses in low light situations, but my budget is limited, so I am at this point limited to my micro four-thirds sensor and 2.8 (35mm equivalent) lens, which means, terrible in low light.

Third, I shot a big part of the vlog without the mic on... again! A rookie mistake that keeps on hunting me.

At the end of the day, telling the story is the most important thing, but between those two misjudgments on my part, and only noticing that I had already filmed a big chunk with no sound, I completely lost control of my narrative and found myself forced to merely show the behind the scenes of the photoshoot instead of sharing tips and tricks as I wanted.

Now, not all is lost! I did learn a few tricks, I did get some ideas, and we do have another bike almost ready, Charlotte's XT! That means that I will get to try my own take on her bike, and I will take that chance to produce the video I wanted to produce for you guys this time, and share some of the tricks and tips I learned :)

On this one, my huge and eternal thank you to João Krull, AKA at Instagram @joaomotorrad for the fantastic photos, the tips, and the patience!

You rock and you took absolutely insane pictures! All credits for this pictures go to João and his photography skills!

On a different topic, if you are new to this channel and to this bike, and you want to see the full build, you can check it out on ADVRider and on our Youtube Channel where we have a dedicated playlist just for the build


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