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Yamaha XT660R Adventure mods

The Tea2Wine expedition counts with 2 bikes, my F800GS and Charlotte’s Yamaha XT 660 R. And to make it adventure ready, we embark on an adventure bike build that will get this pure dual sport to the next level.

This build comes in a few parts and not without its setbacks and difficulties.

First of all, we are very tight on time. We want to depart in the first week of March, which leaves us with a month to get everything in order, and there are quite a few things we want to do with the bike.

Replace bearings from everything but the engine, replace the front forks for a WP48mm set which will have to be serviced and adjusted to Charlotte’s XT measurements, reupholster the seat, bigger tank, create the fuel map, install an extra oil cooler and a couple more changes.

Yes, we will not go as deep as we did on the F800GS, but this bike is in a fantastic shape. Everything we are removing looks very very good, meaning that it has been very well taken care of till now. Those are incredible news!

Another thing we want to improve with this build is Charlotte’s skills as a mechanic. We believe that it is very important for one to know his bike in and out. Makes for an easier time for everyone on the road, and also makes for a more secure ride for the rider. If you know how things work, you are more aware when they start to break down. That allows you to be more proactive in your maintenance and bike care, and that is a big win in the long marathon than an around the world expedition is.

We are also selecting our tools and making sure we will take the minimum we can. Tools are one if not the heaviest part of the luggage, and considering we will be on the road for quite a long time, we want to be able to do our maintenance and fix most problems without having to rely on borrowed tools. It may be difficult for some jobs, but the more we can be self-reliable in terms of tools, the better.

The build began, Charlotte is doing incredibly as a mechanic and the bike is underway! We are so excited to see what will come out of this build!


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