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Gave my motorcycle to a MOTOVLOGGER

I gave my motorcycle to a motovlogger for a test drive, and why? Because what is the point of creating a unique BMW F800GS, if you only to hear a review from me? Let's face it, I'm a bit biased.

But let's go back a bit. Way back when I joined a couple of friends that had started an off road motorcycle tourism company in Portugal. Back then, I had my trusty 2010 R1200GS Adventure. An incredible machine that I still miss very much, but no match for the Yamaha XT600's that my friends where driving around, and that shortly after, I took for a spin. That was it for me. That was the day that my middleweight dual sport motorcycle passion took wings.

I decided to sell my 12GS Adventure and buy a lighter and nimbler F800GS that I knew for a fact I could modify to fit my needs and quirks.

Shortly after I started working with them, and while teaching theoretical and practical courses for them, I got to meet, share and learn from a lot of people, amongst them, a Portuguese Motovlogger called Cager on Two Wheels -

Time passed by, life moved on, and Tea2Wine was eventually born. With it, the Tea2Wine BMW F800GS that will lead me on this incredible adventure. It is not a surprise to anyone that has seen my content what I think about the final result, and it should not be a surprise, I did build it after all.

On the very core of this channel is learning and sharing experiences, opinions, and as such, there was no way I could keep on talking about our creation and not allow you to get a different opinion, and obviously, it could not come from Charlotte or anyone from BMW or any other of our sponsors. Enter a motovlogger that is used to testing bikes and give his opinion.

I know he is not used to off road or big knobby tired dual sport bikes, so it would be fantastic if in the end, his review was a good one, right?

Check out his channel and his episode with his full review of our F800GS.


Cagers channel -

Cagers review - (not yet released)


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