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Changing motorcycle battery

Changing a motorcycle battery can always be a slight drama, especially when you start asking around which one is the one you should use. So let me add a bit to the discord, and share my opinion on what I use, lithium batteries.

Our OEM old style batteries are great and have served us very well over the years, and I do agree that unless one is planning to race or is doing a very special preparation of a bike, there is no need to rush to a store to replace them, but what about when your battery dies, is there any better options out there or should you buy exactly what the manufacturer advices?

I believe lithium is the way to go. There are a lot lighter, virtually maintenance free and have an insane crank amp power when compared to the stock equivalent. Yes, they do not come without drawbacks, like the price. But simple math will show you that between a new battery plus a charger or a lithium battery, the price will be more or less the same, and you will take way more out of your new lithium.

But of course, and as in all ARCH's, this is my opinion, what I do myself, and that means I would love to know what you guys think, what you guys use, and why :)


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