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BMW F800GS 2018 - graphics design

The graphics design of our BMW Motorrad​ F800GS, for this 10 year anniversary of the motorcycle model, took a while to come to life, but they are looking so good!!!!

It took us a long time to decide how the motorcycle graphics should look in the end. We wanted something that would work with the aggressiveness of this special BMW Motorrad bike, but that would also retain the sobriety that these bikes have, even at their most dirty and aggressive. For that, we asked the very gifted guys at AQD Graphics for some help, and help they did. However, that meant we would have to go to Castelo Branco, in the north of Portugal to get the graphics installed, and that meant road trip!

With Charlotte in need to do some km's and my hand needing some more serious tests, we decided to take the 700kms of this round trip with our bikes loaded and with some off-road, put some dual sport in this adventure.

As we had some time issues, I decided that it would be better to bring back some old tracks instead of just hitting the road and finding our way. All in all, the idea was good, but with 2-year-old tracks, it was not a big surprise when we found that the trail was not in the condition I remembered, especially in the first few kms. Boulder and rut covered hill climbs, and a muddy terrain greeted us, and I would lie if I didn't say that scared the crap out of me. My hand is still recovering, and Charlotte is learning a lot, but is still far from being a pilot that goes around those kinds of difficulty with easy. Scares aside, both my hand and Charlotte overtook the terrain with a surprising and uplifting ease, and soon we found ourselves in good tracks until night settled and we decided to jump back on the road.

I do need to give a HUGE shoutout to the Portuguese firefighters. We crossed miles and miles of pure burned devastation and even with the rain that has been falling, a durned smell filled our lungs as if the fires had just been put out, however, on our track we did not see one single burned house. Burned to a crips backyards, but no burned houses. Although we can only imagine the difficulty that it was to contain the flames and save not only the properties but also the populations during this year's wildfires, we know for a fact that those men and women deserve our utmost respect and help in any way we can. Our very sincere thank you!

Getting back to the motorcycle graphics, the design was set and the molds were done on their factory while I and Charlotte went around to play on some trails we found around their location, followed by an installation that was smooth. Sadly, the day went longer than we expected and we ended up not doing more off-road on our way back to Lisboa as we initially intended.

Still, a very nice practice. It was a great surprise to on how well both me and Charlotte dealt with such a long two days, and such a joy to see our BMW F800GS complete with its full new graphic design!

Thank you very much to the AQD Graphics​ guys and all our sponsors that are helping make this project hit the road!


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