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Best Adventure boots

What are the best adventure boots for me? That is a question all dual sport and adventure riders ask all the time.

And there is a good reason for it, it can be quite complicated to decide with all the choices that the market has to offer. But at the end of the day, what are the boots you should get when you are planning an adventure dual sport expedition?

I would say it is quite a personal preference at the end of the day, however, there are certain things I look for on my boots, and I'm sharing those with you. I hope it helps out.

So let's take it from the start.

Waterproofness. Not a lot more I hate in the world than to ride with soaked in boots and my feet wet. It is just terrible. Is it possible to enjoy the ride with wet feet? Yes! Am I being picky regarding this point? Yes! But a long-term adventure dual sport expedition is a marathon, and little comforts like dry feet make a huge difference day after day, week after week.

Easiness of use. When you live on your adventure boots day in and day out, being able to put them on, take them off or just open them for some added comfort on a lunch stop is key, at least for me. The same goes for the soles. As I agree that MX boots will be incredible on the pegs with their hard rock soles, if I want to park the bike and roam around a little bit, MX boots will just not cut it. Some flex is needed.

Protection. This one is always complicated, to get around. There is no such thing as top protection with top comfort. It just does not exist. Knowing this, adjust your boots to your riding plans.

Are you going on a weekend or a week trip with your friends and want to push yourself and your bike to the limit? Maybe MX boots will be the way to go. They will provide top safety, and since it is a short amount of time, you can live without the comforts of a slipper.

Now, are you going out for months on the bigger rider? That goes into marathon mode, and in that, you are neither going to push it as much as on a short ride, neither should you waver the right to comfort. So maybe something a bit less protective but more comfortable might be in order.

I personally ride the Rev'it Adventure Outdry, and Charlotte rides the TXC Drifter. And let me tell you, it was incredibly difficult to find boots for her on a size 36. It seems the world does not produce adventure boots for women. The options are incredibly short, and that is something I hope to see change ASAP!

Little rant aside, I would love to know what boots you guys ride, and why you made the choice you did.


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