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Thank you and Merry Christmas

Thank you and Merry Christmas, that's what we have to say this week.

Thank you for the love you have been showing. I started this project with no knowledge of filming, social media or any kind of skill regarding any of the things I'm doing now. Yes I know about bikes and yes I have some notions about tea and wine, but that's where it ends. Its been an insanely hard learning curve that is still a long way from finishing, and I am loving every second of it! But more than that, its incredibly humbling and rewarding to see the feedback, to see the engagement, to see the kind words. This week it went a bit over all of that when I got to fans of Tea2Wine offering me tea and a tea set that I've been going crazy about!

Thank you so much to Duarte @DSPMotorcycles and to Peter! You guys made my Christmas that much better!!

As for the expedition, lots of things happening, sadly, all of them extremely time-consuming and not vlog worthy at all. Embassies, visas, insurances, paperwork and package delivery delay have been on our plate for the past couple of weeks, and that means us waiting on end for answers and gear. However, that trend is finally changing!

Our tent and camping gear has arrived. Charlotte's boots finally arrived. Do you have any idea how hard it was to find Adv boots in a size 36?! - I will properly rant on that on another video - But all of that means we will get to start doing things again. Camping trip to test the camping gear and get Charlotte on classes with the big bike are in order, as well as finishing the work still needed on Charlottes bike. We are little over 2 months out, we need to get cracking!!

From me and Charlottes, in the best Tea2Wine spirit, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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