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BMW Motorrad F800GS fuel pump MOD

This week I went over a pivoting point, and I gave my BMW Motorrad F800GS a fuel pup modification. And what were the pivoting point and the mod?

As for the bike, well... we set ourselves to build a one of a kind dual sport adventure machine, and with that in mind, some modifications had to happen. I don't mean the trivial mods like a more comfortable seat or better suspensions, I mean mods that will actively change my life on the road and that are aimed at the attention to detail and real off road dual sport adventure needs.

From experience, riding with many different kinds of riders over the years, fuel is a given to us all. I mean, we know how much we need from point A to point B, we make sure to have enough, and that's about it. For me, it's not.

If you ever been out and about on your bike long enough with other riders, it is quite possible that you have faced one of this 3 situations:

1 - You used contaminated or low-quality fuel

2 - You still have plenty of fuel and one of your mates is out

3 - You are using a fuel powered cooker and its empty

All of this situations will force you to take fuel out of your tank, and that is always messy, and in many bikes, the only way to do it is by siphoning it over a hose and some lung pulling is required to get it started. I don't know about you, but I hate that technique!!

I mean, adventure bikes of today have TFT screens, but no way to take fuel out without me having to aspirate fuel vapors?!

We decided that a true dual sport bike in 2018 needed more, and that meant an easy and harmless way to remove fuel from the tank!

As for the pivoting points, well, all expeditions and adventures have one thing in common, they have many of them. All adventures have times when the chips fall and you get hit by a reality that you sometimes choose to forget.

Of course that when you set yourself to leave everything and make the road your home for a determinate period of time, you know what that entitles, but until you are actually doing it, it is a fantasy. It is an idea that lives in that perfect place of your brain where nothing goes wrong, and all that can be perfect is, regardless of you acknowledging or not that reality might not be exactly the same.

For me, I knew I was going to be on this expedition for a year and that obviously that would mean no income, but it is very different to know that one-day money would stop coming in, and actually to live that day. My last paycheck hasn't arrived yet, but the process of quitting has started, and let me tell you, I'm freaking out!!!

Expeditions like this are expensive, and sadly, money is needed, so cutting my only income source.... auchi! But well, I knew the day was coming and that it was going to be like this. Afterall, it is a step closer to the dream, but some steps are indeed harder than others.

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