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Back to basics

Some say expeditions start on their first day on the road, some say it starts when you start planning them, and although I feel more compelled towards the latter, I would mark the beginning of the Tea2Wine Expedition last Saturday. Regardless of what I already know about tea and wine, I do feel that some questions should be asked before hitting the road. Preparation, preparation, preparation, that is the key element here. That being, last weekend I found myself under the teachings of Luís Mendonça de Carvalho and his Tea Workshop at Fundação Oriente Museu, where we were showed and thought some basics of tea culture and history, as well as some special tea "artefacts". One should never think he knows too much, and when in doubt, go back to the basics. I'm extremely glad I did, and my thank you to Luís for his help on doing so.

Let the Tea2Wine expedition get into its next gear!

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