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Youtube fever

It has been way too long since I wrote an update on the page, but that doesn't mean the project has stopped or has idled in any way. Quite the opposite, it is in full power, although with a slight pivot. I initially thought and wished for a printed Tea2Wine, something someone one day could hold in their hands could see on a table at home or at a cafe, the dream of the unpublished writer. However one should not deny his own skills, and while I'm not saying mine is to film, it is to story tell, to share what I'm learning, and I feel I can portrait my message better over video than paper. The Tea2Wine Youtube was born! With a weekly video update for season one - which will last until departure in March - my efforts are all in building the Tea2Wine community there and use the channel as the diary of the expedition, where all my thoughts, knowledge and skills learned will be share with every single one of you! I hope I can see you all there!

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