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The last suit you will ever wear, Rev'it!

It is quite common amongst adventure and dual sport riders on the topic of world travels to come up. There is always someone that has this or that opinion about it. How easy it will be if you do it like this, or how daft it was that someone that did it like that. Usually, a list of dos and don'ts comes into play shortly after first shots fired. Over the years I've heard all kinds of lists from all kinds of riders with different ages, riding styles and financial capabilities, and I always found it amazing how the large majority of them always aim for things like horsepower, fuel range or GPS's on top of the list. Don't take me wrong, one can't do a round the world motorcycle journey without a motorcycle, and I will always try to get the best one for the job and fill her up with all the farkles to suit my quirks, but on the top of my list is always my safety and comfort, and that means only one thing, the best possible riding gear! With the right combo of gloves, pants, jacket, boots and helmet I can tackle any ground with any bike, anywhere!! On an expedition, we live inside our suit, blood, sweat, and tears will run down the seams alongside with joy, enthusiasm, and adrenaline. Tea2Wine is lucky to announce that its prayers have been met, and the last suit I will ever use will come from the magnificent team at Rev'it! The new official gear sponsor for this expedition!!​

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