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Home away from home

When you leave the comfort of your own home and find yourself on the road, the simple pleasures that make you comfortable and prepare you for the next day of riding sometimes seem hard to find. This expedition just found its home away from home. The LONE RIDER - Adventure Motorcycle Equipment team is now officially the Tea2Wine tent, and will be my luxurious "flat" while on the road! I cannot contain the excitement!

I've been using LoneRider products for years, and their gear needs no introduction if you have ever been around the adventure riding scene. They are the face of durability, comfort in the little things that you do miss on the road, like the ability to stand up in a tent or work on your bike covered from the elements. Without a doubt a must have if you plan on making the road your home. It is a pleasure to have the Tea2Wine expedition joining forces with this amazing product.

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